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Wishing you and your family a blessed 2020!


Since 1993

Around 1989 I was blessed to fall into DJing at Skateland Family Fun Center (Whirls of Fun) in Hutchinson.  It was the basis of learning music for all ages.  Ventured to being on air at KSKU and then in 1993 had an opportunity to DJ my first dance, a Halloween Party with my home stereo equipment.  This was a big thrill, and starting buying professional equipment as the dances afforded me.  Along with birthday parties, and becoming a wedding DJ, I started to become the mainstay dj at a few bars (Rowdy's, McGraws, & Brick by Brick).  The bars were a blast to work at, but just were not my cup of tea (it was lacking the Bergamot Oil in an Earl Gray).  I found so much more meaning in weddings, and family oriented events.  The Ulster Project events, the Love Life Run, along with many other non profit events have brought a special place to my heart.  I love being a part of the bigger picture, helping to create memorable events.


26 years later...

Making so many connections both personally and professionally over the years, I look back and see how blessed I have been.  First and foremost, thank you to God and then to my family.  I would also like to thank those who have let me be a part of their events, those I have worked along side with, those who treated me just like family as I worked for them.  You are the foundation of my butterflies, and the reason I enjoy entertaining.  Thank you to the colleagues I have learned from, those that helped me build as I learned, borrow as I needed, I hope to be as inspiring to others as you are to me. To all of you, I'd like to wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and pray 2020 brings you many blessings!