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Wedding Receptions


Two families coming together as one!

Keeping that in mind is part of the secret when creating your once in a lifetime celebration.  Building up the atmosphere and the comfort level in your guest while revealing your story and unfolding your dreams.  On average about 20 hours is spent behind the scenes gathering information and getting to know you.  We set down and plan the timeline, take your ideas and create the reception around your dreams.  From the background music, bio introductions, video montage, and table top trivia to a new twist on the anniversary dance, all takes parts of your personality with the end result of creating memories you will treasure forever!

Wedding Ceremony


Sometimes overlooked.  If having a big ceremony, indoors or outdoors, audio is a must.  This allows ambient music as guest arrive to set the mood, as well as anyone singing or playing and instrument.  The Officiant and the Groom will also have a wireless lapel mic on to allow the guest to hear the ceremony and all the vows.  Music also handpicked by the couple for seating of guest, entrance songs, unity song and exit. 

Video Montage for Destination Wedding w/Local Reception


Destination weddings are great, and many times limit the amount of family and friends that can attend the ceremony itself.  The video link will show a video for Weston & Lacey Tallman, wedding destination Las Vegas, reception destination local.  This is a way to bring guest in on the excitement of your ceremony, recapping by mixing in live video, pictures and your vows.  This can then be shown during your reception right before your first dance, enjoy!

School Homecomings & Proms


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Corporate Events


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